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  • Ezinne Ukoha

    Ezinne Ukoha

    Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say! https://medium.com/membership https://www.patreon.com/Ezziegirl

  • Fabio Ottaviani

    Fabio Ottaviani

    User experience designer & front-end developer. Faccio i trick con i pixel.

  • Omkar K

    Omkar K

    Just another rider on the Pale Blue Dot.

  • Ana Rita

    Ana Rita

  • Marta Vasconcelos

    Marta Vasconcelos

    Full-time software engineer @memsql, part-time coffee drinker & pasta eater.

  • Marianne O

    Marianne O

    Global investment manager, entrepreneur, wellness enthusiast — empowering people through investment knowledge, great events, and relevant connections

  • Kritika Bahadur

    Kritika Bahadur

  • Edward Rowan

    Edward Rowan

    Writer, knowledge seeker and expresser of things. Self-development, life and wellness. Yes, life. Life is my niche.

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